Annual General Meeting 2020

­18th Annual General Meeting

in the Park (socially distanced) on 27th August

from 6-7pm

 The format of this year’s AGM  of the Friends of King George V and Scotland Yard Parks is naturally affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the committee has decided to experiment with a socially distanced outdoor meeting – after all we are Friends of the Park and we believe we might as well make use of the fact. It seems particularly appropriate to meet there this year as a way of assessing the likely impact of the forthcoming planning application for the New Town North development. At the time of writing the Scottish Government guidance suggests that outdoor gatherings will be permissible from 24th August.  We will meet in the section of the Park alongside Eyre Place. We can supply limited seating, but if you have a folding garden chair do bring it with you.

For information the Agenda for the AGM, the Annual Report and the audited Annual Accounts will be posted here shortly before the date of the meeting.


Ref: AGM/130820

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