AGM – Annual Report 2019-20

Friends of King George V and Scotland Yard Parks

Scottish Charity Number SC033445

Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2020


Current trustees

Imogen Forster (appointed 2019), Judy Conn (re-appointed 2018), Maggie Mellon and Christine McIntosh (both re-appointed 2018), Bruce Patrick (re-appointed 2019),  Jane Christodoulidis and Lesley McClymont (re-appointed May 2017), Alice Gordon and Liz Elsby (appointed 2019) and Anne Eddison (re-co-opted 2019)

Contact address

c/o Judy Conn, Secretary, 1 Fettes Row, Edinburgh EH3 6SF


Governing Document

The association is a charitable unincorporated association and our administration arrangements are set out in our constitution.


Recruitment and appointment of trustees

All of the association’s trustees are appointed or reappointed for periods no longer than three years by the members at the Annual General Meeting held within two months of the last day of March.  However there is provision for co-option of members which may take place at any time during the year, to be confirmed at the next AGM.


Charitable purposes

Our purposes as recorded in our constitution are as follows:

(a) To conserve, preserve, protect and improve the area known as the King   George V Park and Scotland Yard for the benefit of the public

(b) To advance the education of the public about the history of the park

(c) To promote provision of facilities which will encourage enjoyment and responsible use of the area by a wide range of the people who live and work in the locality –

provided always that such activities will not absolve the local authority of its statutory responsibilities.


Main activities in relation to these purposes

We are in regular two way communication with the Parks, Greenspaces and Cemeteries Department of the City of Edinburgh Council and with other relevant bodies with a view to improving the ambiance of the park.  We also organise hands on activities – eg clean ups and planting and weeding sessions.


Main achievements during the financial period

Of most importance, we have taken part in several discussions with the developers of a major mixed use development which is proposed for the immediate boundary of the park and have kept our membership aware of the progress of these discussions.   We organised regular weeding and clean up sessions until the start of the period of lockdown. We have initiated discussions with the appropriate members of the local Council parks staff regarding the donation of items of play equipment and of replacement litter bins.  We have removed graffiti where possible.  We have commissioned a logo.


Financial review

(a)  Brief statement of the charity’s policy on reserves

While we have on occasion received monies from a variety of sources for different projects in the park we have had no requirement to raise such funds this year.  For our core funding (eg. secretarial expenses) we rely on subscriptions from members.  Our aim is to keep sufficient reserves to sustain these activities for a year.  It is also important for us to aim to keep a larger sum aside to meet contingencies.

(b)  Details of any deficit  N/A

(c)  Donated facilities and services if any  N/A


Approved by the trustees and signed on their behalf.


Imogen  Forster


27th August 2020


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