NTQ – Further Planning Application 21/03481/FUL

Developers Ediston have lodged another planning application for the site bordering the park.  They propose constructing flats instead of a hotel on the one of the Dundas Street stretches of the site.  All told, if this application receives consent, a further 80+ properties will be added to the number already granted consent, bringing the total number of households up to 435.  Extrapolating from the numbers of bedrooms which the development overall would then provide this could add up to a further thousand new residents to the neighbourhood.  An unacceptable level of pressure on all local amenities would ensue and the Friends of the Park are concerned that the park, which is on the doorstep of all these new flats, which is already heavily used and is also smaller for this part of town than the Council’s own criteria recommend, could suffer degradation from overuse.   

If you tend to agree but would like to know more and, furthermore, comment go to http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/planningcomments, key in 21/03481/FUL and use the online comments facility.  The deadline for this is 08/08/21.

Ref: FKGVP/NTQ/120721

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