What we do


We liaise as necessary with Parks & Greenspace staff, and other relevant departments within the City of Edinburgh Council regarding issues such as maintenance, litter, graffiti, provision & design of play equipment.

We also liaise with the police as necessary regarding instances of anti-social behaviour.

Over recent years we have been involved in examining and responding as appropriate to a succession of planning application which are likely to have a significant and harmful impact on the park.

Access Funding

We access funding from a variety of sources for development of youth facilities in the park, for seating and for environmental improvements (plants, bulbs, bird boxes).

Actively Maintain the Park


– carry out planting sessions – shrubs & bulbs

– organise clean-ups

– undertake simple gardening & weeding sessions

– remove graffiti from painted surfaces


We distribute two newsletters a year


We are members of the Edinburgh Green Space Forum.