Recent Events

A new Recent Events page has been added to the web site to provide details about and maintain a history of events that have taken place. The first event shown is the recent Park Clean Up.

Web site refresh

Over the past few days all of the pages on the web site have been reviewed and updated. Quite a lot of the content is much the same, but just presented differently. New content has been added too. Please take a look. All feedback is welcome, and it would be great to receive some feedback … Continue reading

New Social Media Page

We have added a Social Media page to the web site which contains a feed from our Instagram account, and links to provide convenient access to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

AGM 2021

The following documents relating to the 2021 AGM, which was hosted on Zoom on 7th Sept 2021, can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below: Agenda Report of the Trustees for 2020-21 Financial Summary for 2020-21 AGM 2021 Independent Examiners Report AGM 2021 News Roundup AGM 2021 Updated Constitution


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