Apple Tree Planted

The Friends of the Park arranged for an apple tree that was donated by Torrey Edwards, a local resident who is leaving the area, to be planted. The tree was planted on 21st June near the Logan Street gate by Park Rangers Jen Johnson and Michael Jump on a 3rd attempt. with Bill in attendance … Continue reading

Air Quality at the Park

The friends are aware there have been problems with the air quality in the area of and surrounding the park, due to the dust generated by the RBS/ NTQ development site demolition activities. This has been taken up with development company. In addition the New Town & Broughton community council raised the matter at their … Continue reading

Student Flats Submission

For information, a copy of comments submitted to CA Student Living (CASL) on their proposal to build 200+ student flats is now available on the documents page on the web site.

Notice of upcoming AGM on Tuesday 31st May at 7:30pm

Notice is hereby given that the upcoming Annual General Meeting of The Friends of King George V & Scotland Yard Parks will be held on Tuesday 31st May at 7:30pm. In order to allow as many Friends of the Park as possible to join, the meeting be held using a Zoom video conference.


1.   Welcome and apologies for absence

2.   Minutes of the 19th AGM                               

3.   Trustees’ Annual Report (format prescribed by Office of Scottish Charity Regulator) 

 4.  Annual Accounts and Independent Examiner’s Report

5   Appointment of Independent Examiner

6.  Election of office bearers

7.  Election/co-option of committee members

8.  Annual News Report 2021-2022

9.  Matters arising from the Annual News Report

10. Any other business

11. Close of meeting

Zoom video conference details will be made available soon.


All of the group’s newsletters have now been scanned and uploaded to the KGVSY Friends web site. The newsletters are listed by year on the Newsletters page. Click on the links in the table to display the newsletters.


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