About the Park

Two Connected Parks

King George V Park and Scotland Yard Park are adjacent and joined to each other, and are therefore essentially one park, hence the Friends group adopting the name Friends of King George V and Scotland Yard Parks.

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Click on the image to see aerial view

Raising the standard of Parks and Green Spaces, King George V Park is a Green Flag Award 2021 winner; an international mark of quality. The park is also a Fields in Trust Protected Site

King George V Park offers winding paths, shrubberies and lawns set in an interesting and historic part of the city.

Scotland Yard Park offers two swing parks for children, one with a large slide, and a good basketball court.


The parks are located in the New Town area of Edinburgh, and are near Broughton. The parks can be accessed (see red dots on the parks layout diagram to the left) from Logan Street (off Eyre Place), Scotland Street, Summer Bank, and also through the Rodney Street Tunnel which extends the off-road pedestrian-cycleway network along a former railway from Leith into the park.

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